1 Month of Staples + Greens Burdock Boxes (2 Bi-Weekly Deliveries)

1 Month of Staples + Greens Burdock Boxes (2 Bi-Weekly Deliveries)

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Staples + Greens Box
C$137.20monthly/ auto-renew
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((A Single Month Purchase includes two bi-weekly deliveries. ))

((Ongoing includes two deliveries per month, payments are made monthly.))

**Once Purchased An Email Will Be Sent For You To Select Your Items**


The Staple Burdock Box is a selection of house hold staples that are 100% local.

Along with your choice of either 1, 2 or 3 varieties of Ontario leafy green(s). 


This box includes:

1. Ethically Raised Ontario Meat (OMAFRA inspected)

2. Cage-Free Eggs

3. Bakery 

4. Vegetable

5. Pantry

6. Your choice of 1, 2, or 3 Leafy Greens


Items for next delivery:


2 Rainbow Trout Fillets

5lbs 6oz Beef Burgers

5lbs Fryer Chicken Breast 

Surprise BBQ Item

Overstock Beef Item 

Overstock Pork Item 



Farm Fresh 




3 Large Red Peppers

1lb Sweet Potato

1 Rooted Boston Lettuce

Overstock Vegetable



330g Honey 

Mystery BBQ Sauce 

330g Honey 



Sourdough Loaf 

White Cheesy Loaf Sliced

8 Hamburger Buns


For every delivery you will be offered new items to select from, including seasonal favourite, products from new farms/businesses. Our boxes are never boring with a variety of items that are always growing for you to enjoy.


About the Greens:

Majority of our leafy greens are vertically grown in Ontario by Heart and Thoel Greens without the use of pesticides, insecticides or acid baths. Picked merely hours before delivery our leafy greens are always at peak freshness to improve shelf life and flavour. We also source from Ontario farms that conventionally grow in summer months to support local farms in our area and provide more variety.


Each delivery of leafy greens will provide long loved staples as well as the occasional fun new variety to try, the box will include items like; kale, spinach, arugula, romaine, butterhead, watercress, bokchoy, herbs, microgreens and we are always adding more!