Pure Wool Yoga Mat

Pure Wool Yoga Mat

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This anti-microbial felted wool yoga mat will help you to engage more deeply with your yoga practice. Wicking away moisture and cushioning your movements you will never want to go back to traditional yoga mats again. Wool also has a healing vibration of 5,000 which can help to deepen your healthing during meditation and yoga. 

Sustainably farmed wool from sheep raised in Ontario, Canada

24in x 72in



Minimal cleaning because of the hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties. Can be shaken and laid in the sun to freshen the fibres. If deep clean is needed use cool water in the bath tub with wool safe detergent. Leave to soak and softly knead if necessary. Lightly squeeze our access water, do not wring. Lay in an a sunlit, airy space to dry.