Pear Riesling Wine Jam

Pear Riesling Wine Jam

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• Irresistible and delicious jams and jellies.

• Pair with cheese, charcuterie, and wine.

• Ingredients are locally sourced whenever possible.

• Made by hand in small batches in Beamsville, Ontario.

• All-natural and preservative-free.

• Shelf life of 2 years.

• 125 mL recyclable glass jars.

Best-selling product! Bartlett Pears are picked at their peak then poached in Riesling to create this aromatic and luscious jam. Pair with fine, creamy cheeses and ripened blue cheeses. Serve with a crisp, dry Riesling.

INGREDIENTS: sugar, pears, Riesling wine, pectin, natural flavour, citric acid. 
Made in Canada