Four Pack Scented Mini Bath Bombs (24 Bombs!)

Four Pack Scented Mini Bath Bombs (24 Bombs!)

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Pack of all 4 scents, 24 bath bombs total! These adorable mini bath bombs are full of scent creating the perfect aromatherapy self care bath. They are kid tested, and do not stain surfaces making them the perfect child sized bath bomb for the perfect bath before bed. 



Inhaling eucalyptus opens your sinuses and clears your head perfect for wet and cold winter months. The aroma also contains some hints of the forest, which some people describe as sweet and similar to honey. 



A scent we all know and love, perfect for clearing sinuses and bringing a festive winter aroma to the air. Also works great as a deodorizer.


Lemon Grass:

Lemongrass Essential Oil smells fresh, lemony and slightly herbaceous. Lemongrass essential oil has been used for muscular aches and pains. It can help to purify the air and having overall cleansing properties. 



A long time favourite for bedtime, lavender is well known for its ability to create a feeling of rest allowing one to fall asleep faster. Also a great option to reduce stress and anxiety. 



24 Mini Bath Bombs Total

6 pack of each scent

All of our Bath Bombs are created in small batches to ensure quality and the best possible scents. We use only 100% pure Essential Oils.

Made in Ontario