Caffine Fix Burdock Box

Caffine Fix Burdock Box

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Caffine Fix Box
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You will receive two caffinated items of your choice to keep you going during the day. 

You will receive an email of the currently available options and select which you would prefer.


Chilled Espresso: Salted Maple, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Roasted Vanilla Rosemary, Dairy Free Salted Maple, Dairy Free Brown Sugar Vanilla, Dairy Free Roasted Vanilla Rosemary


Coffee Beans: Espresso Roast , Medium Roast , Dark Roast


Tea: (vary by season) Pear White Tea, Lavender Earl Grey, Easter Morning, Peach Matcha



Items include coffee beans, tea, and chilled espressos. 

Also available as a Monthly Subscription Box - 1 Box Per Month

New items can be choosen for each delivery.